Truck Boss Loading Accessories

Winch Kit (4422)Truck Boss Mounted Winch

Our most popular accessory!!! TRUCKBOSS is the only truck deck on the market to offer a WINCH LOADING SYSTEM. Our TRAC WINCH SYSTEM allows your winch to slide laterally across the front of the deck for proper alignment of multiple load placements.

Why Winch Loading?

  • Rider safety
  • Prevents damage to machines
  • Prevents damage to your vehicle
  • Invaluable when you have a dead machine

Winch Plate (4414)
Ideal for those who already have a winch. The TRUCKBOSS Winch Plate accepts any ATV winch and allows your winch to slide laterally across the front of the deck for proper alignment of multiple load placements.

Winch Cover (4438)
As no winch is completely waterproof, a winch cover is a good idea to keep the rain, salt and road grime off your winch which can soon lead to deterioration of the surface finishes. Synthetic winch ropes also benefit from protection from UV sunlight. The winch cover is fitted with elasticated securing straps. Manufactured from tough black cordura.

Side Load Bar (4412)
Set of 3 bars 20 inches long for multiple ramp positions. Doubles as a beefy tie down. Increases side height to 6 inches for containing loads. Note: Side Load Bars can only be used when the sides of the deck are in the closed position.

Carbide Protection Kit Expandable (4407) (Base Deck 4408)
Prevent damage to the anodized deck surface when loading equipment. Includes 4 rows of SuperGlide traction guide, aluminum rails to attach traction guide, and 28 UHMW strips for the expandable side arms.

Flip Extension – Expandable Sides (4429) (Base Deck 4431)
Our newest and one of our most popular loading accessories. Provides an additional 14 – 20 inches of deck surface for longer snowmobiles, ATVs, or UTVs. It bolts on top of the Deck Surface, flips out of the way when not in use, and is easily removable.

Tie Down (4403)
HD Steel. These are handy to have everywhere on the TRUCKBOSS Deck. They will attach into any TB SURE-LOCK Channel.

Super Clamp D Ring (4404)
Replaces the D-Ring used with your Superclamps. Easily removable & adjustable. Used in any TB SURE-LOCK Channel.

Superclamp Front (1908)
The Superclamp II system installs in seconds. This tie down system having features such as a tension adjustment knob makes it fit any ski height. The Superclamp II has a newly designed handle, with an advanced over center cam, and built in safety lock system making this system easy for anyone to secure.

Superclamp Rear (1907)
With the same general features of the Front Superclamp this clamp seals the back of your sled to the TRUCKBOSS Deck.

Track Bar (2102)
The Track Bar provides a safe and easy method of securing the back of a snowmobile for transportation. Once placed on the track, the Track Bar provides two secure locations where the tie down straps are attached.

Ratchet Straps (2101)
Some provinces and states have administered legislation stating that all ratchet straps must have safety clips on both ends. Our hooks have a safety latch and they also fit over 1” tubing. Users are able to place the hook over the handlebars of most bikes and snowmobiles while still latching closed. These straps feature a velcro system that secures the excess strap when not utilized. 1760 lb break strength, 12 feet of webbing to utilize, safety clips to prevent the hooks from falling off, a rubber covered handle, and a velcro system that secures excess strap.

SMARTBOXX by TRUCKBOSS is a new, exciting, and affordable way to make the bed of your pick-up more convenient and user friendly. It is easily removable It is ideal for use with your TRUCKBOSS Deck System or under a Standard Tonneau Cover!! SMART BOXX is equally at home hauling groceries, golf clubs, snowmobile gear, tools, … this list goes on and on!

Lock-N-Load Dirt Bike Mount (4432)
The “Lock-N-Load” Transport System securely holds your motocross bike to your TRUCKBOSS deck without the use of tie-down straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks. It takes an enormous amount of pressure off of the fork seals during transit, and it frees up valuable space allowing the transport of more motorcycles or gear. To operate the Lock-N-Load, rotate the knobs into the lock position and simply roll or ride your bike into the trailer until your foot pegs hit the open jaws of the Lock-N-Load. Then step on the upper jaws and they will automatically lock into place. To release your bike, simply rotate the knobs into the release position and step on the top jaws. This will automatically release the jaws and free your motorcycle.

Access Lights (2301)
Get instant light under your TRUCKBOSS deck with the push of a button! Our access lights are mounted on the rear legs of the deck for maximum illumination when you need it the most! 12″ Lights are waterproof and energy-efficient.

20″ Dual Bar LED Lights (4437)
Turn night into day with our LED light bar mounted on the TRUCKBOSS Cab Guard for easier loading and cargo management. This dual row light bar is the best combination of price and quality on the market. Backed by a 2-yr replacement warranty, it features the industry leading American CREE LED technology in a flood/spot combo beam allowing for maximum coverage and light distance. Also featuring a high quality aluminum housings and virtually indestructible Polycarbonate lenses.