Xtreme Truck Gear LED Lighting

You want a light for your specific application, but you don’t want to starve in order to afford one. You’ve been looking for a lighting solution for your vehicle, and stumbled upon us–thank you for taking the time to let us earn your business.
Jeep LED light barThe automotive lighting industry is chock full of companies and individuals touting the latest and greatest light for a multitude of applications. Whereas that may sound wonderful, the one issue that they all seem to ignore is cost. At the end of the day, what you’re buying is a light for your boat/truck/atv, and it should not cost as much as the vehicle on which it is going to be mounted! It is common practice among the industry leaders to mark up their products in excess of 300%.
Here at Xtreme Truck Gear, our goal is to provide our customers with excellent quality lights, at reasonable costs, all while providing 5 star customer service and a solid warranty. We know that there are differences among the quality of lights–from the housings, to the circuits, the drivers and the lamps– and we quality test all items we carry to ensure that they stand up to our rigorous and stringent qualifications. If something fails? We’ll ship you a new one.
super bright led lighting plow truck
Feel free to browse through our LED TECH section to learn a little about LED technology, as well as the different types of LEDs on the market today. We use the brightest and most reliable LEDs in our products – but don’t take our word for it.  An educated consumer is the best consumer.
If you have any questions, we’re here to help you by phone, email or text.