LED Technology

Cree LED Lamps we use:

Why Cree?
It’s a well known fact that Cree LED Chips have the best performances in output, lifespan, stability, etc.

How do you know your LED lights are using Cree LED chips or not?
I’m simple to recognize.

Cree’s cathode design incorporates a square with parallel lines dividing the surrounded area into equal rectangles. This creates a negative “plane” instead of a point, but is also very helpful in identifying the model of LED.

You will see what the following means:
XRC / XPC – 2 rectangles
XRE / XPE – 3 rectangles (some XR-E have a 0.9×0.9mm die instead of the usual 1.0×1.0mm found in this series)
XPG – 4 rectangles
XML – 6 rectangle