Why TruckBoss

We build the most advanced truck deck on the market today.

OTruckBoss Deck on Ford Truckur TRUCKBOSS product uses unique, all-aluminum, no-weld construction and incorporates over 25 aluminum extrusions, injection molded and stretch-formed parts. These proprietary parts integrate seamlessly together into our unparalleled TRUCKBOSS deck system!


No Aluminum Welding = Strength & Durability Even when performed properly aluminum welds considerably weaken base metal strength (up to 40%), while creating start points for metal fatigue and cracking. Our TBOSS Modular System replaces welding with purpose-built aluminum extrusions to retain high base metal strength throughout every TRUCKBOSS component and connection.

All-Aluminum Extrusion = Flexibility and Features Our proprietary aluminum extrusions are the cornerstone of TRUCKBOSS – allowing so many consistent, hard wearing, no-fail, and useful features to be incorporated in every TRUCKBOSS deck.

Anodized Finish = Value All TRUCKBOSS wear surfaces are equipped with ExtremEtch anodizing. This hard-wearing no-maintenance finish is an exclusive feature of our product and comes standard on every TRUCKBOSS deck.